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DustPal - remove it


- og alle overflater fra gulv til tak.

Now you can vacuum every surface from floor to ceiling

Our vacuum dusters are used every day by professional cleaners and in private homes all over Norway. DustPal is also used in hospitals and in public offices. People with asthma and other allergies especially appreciate the vacuum duster as DustPal has an optimal cleaning efficiency. It does not spread dust into the air like rags and static dusters. It removes everything.

Don’t spread the dust – remove it

Reaches everywhere…

For simple, fast and effective removal of dust and airborne dust particles on all surfaces.

The vacuum duster lifts off dust while you clean. DustPal uses a vacuum throughout the entire duster and does not leak dust into the air the way microfiber cloths and dusters do. In this way you will get faster, simpler and longer lasting results.

The soft microfiber duster is flexible which makes it easy to reach even the smallest openings and corners.

Gentle Cleaning …

Avoid using moisture or water when dusting.

You have probably tried to wash a mirror with a moist microfiber cloth only to discover that you smear the mirror with what you are trying to remove. It is better to remove the dust with DustPal. The thin microfibers loosen the dust and the vacuum removes it permanently.

All surfaces of the DustPal are rubber coated to prevent accidental scratches or other damages while cleaning. DustPal removes only the dust, no other objects. You can use DustPal on all surfaces.

Much easier – Much faster

Faster and longer lasting cleaning …

From the ceiling moldings to the floor moldings. You can easily reach into the innermost corners. Everything will be so much easier…

With DustPal on the vacuum cleaner you have a long reach making it easy to remove the dust from the door or the window frame. You no longer have to stand on a chair to clean up high or get down on all fours to clean behind the TV.

You can easily reach the tallest surface or under the lowest furniture. The reach is 3.5 meters when the DustPal is on a vacuum cleaner. DustPal is brilliant for cleaning blinds, pleated curtains, and slatted blinds. DustPal makes cleaning simple and much faster

How to empty the DustPal …

Du slipper å henge ut av vinduet for å riste ut støvet …

You do not have to hang out the window to shake off the dust. With DustPal you simply use the vacuum cleaner to clean the microfiber duster head. You save time and there is no risk of the dust coming back into the house from a drafty window.

DustPal catches more dust so the microfiber duster head must be regularly vacuumed off. This is fast and simplifies the cleaning.

Washable and – environmentally friendly

Good for the environment – good for the pocket book.

Washable and easy to dry. No need for chemicals for dusting which is good for your health and the environment.

DustPal is washable and easy to dry. There is no need for chemicals for dusting, so it’s good for your health and good for the environment. It’s good for the pocket book as well.

To wash the DustPal remove the duster head from the handle and wash it in the washing machine at 40-60 degrees. After washing, reattach the handle and set it upright to air dry. Air drying takes only 30 minutes. The duster head will last 3-4 washings before needing to be replaced. Order a 3 pack refill when the duster is worn. The duster handle can be washed in the washing machine along with the duster.


DustPal 360 fits all vacuum cleaners that have hoses with round handles.

DustPal is delivered with an adapter and clips so it can be used on all standard round vacuum wand handles. (Ø32 Ø35mm)

If you do not have a round handle, you will need to find an adaptor.

See how DUSTPAL works

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